Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Little by Little

we are making improvements in our garden

This time last year (we moved here in May) this area of the garden looked like this

A built in aviary covered to the hills in ivy and near on crashing down, the ivy was trailing and attaching itself to everything in site, including the washing line!

The rockery was overgrown and all the roses in the garden were in dire need of pruning

Over the last couple of months we've managed to rip down the two aviarys revealing a brick wall and due to the lovely sunshine the last couple of days I've dug and weeded and brushed and raked off the entire rockery.

I have a plant in mind for here and I'm going to grow herbs in pots on here too, I need to rearrange or buy some new edging that it will be complete

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  1. You have done a brilliant job there in ther garden. :)


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