Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sharing Ideas

I went to see a lovely friend of mine on Friday and her garden is full of inspiration, little quirks and lots of seating areas

Our garden needs so much work doing it so I'm always looking for inspiration on how to utilise it for so many different needs but still look gorgeous and pretty

I love janes little seating area and summer house
The lovely Jane showing off her summer house :)The growing areaseating areas and fairy hidey holespurple sprouting broccoli - yummyhelebores, i sooo badly want thesetwisted trees, i love them all and will certainly be having one proudly somewhere in our gardenPrivacy! this is a huge thing for me, we have a small fence which I dont mind, but since moving into this house our new neighbours have bbqs every weekend once the sun is out and last year I felt conscious in my own garden, that everytime I stepped outside all eyes were on me :( so I truly love this idea, its not blocking anyone out but adds a touch of privacy :)Where do you get your garden inspirations from, please share x

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  1. Hi Deanne hope you are well my lovely. What a stunning garden..isn't it gorgeous :) I love the privacy.


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