Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Tea Light Jam Jars

I'm all for recycling as much as I can and I'm always saving my glass jars but collecting was all I was doing. My friend Steph came up with an idea so had a few off me and she decided to turn hers into t-light holders for the garden and decorated the outside with frosting spray.

So I thought I'd have a go

I bought some enamel paints (as they were actually cheaper than glass paints) and set to work

Very quickly and with a few brush strokes they went from a plain jam jar to this

Please share if you have a go as well :)


  1. Oh how pretty - and sure handed! They'll be magical in the garden over the summer.

  2. Hello, thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. They will look stunning on a balmy summer evening *fingers* that we get some evenings like that! hahaha :)

  4. oh ha i can totally remember making these as a kid (:


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