Saturday, 7 May 2011


where have I been and what have I been up too!

I didnt feel great for a while but I'm nearly back up to full speed and I'm working hard on making up family time and building up quirkyboots stocks for upcoming craft events and online orders and of course I have so many new ideas in the pipeline too
Anyways we had a family and friends holiday in Norfolk and loved it, especially seeing the seals on the beach
and our chill out day on the beach :)We've had easter!for which my little man was away in America for with his dads family, I missed him so much and was super happy when I spoke to him on msn and super super happy when he came home :)
We watched the royal wedding and I loved every minute of it, I totally adored her dress especially the simplicity and vintage style to itand of course the kiss :)I'm now very busy sorting out quirkyboots new website which is delayed due to everything going on here, lots of new things to be finished off and of course my preemie baby hats are in the making too

Michelle and I are working very hard at the future of our little monthly market, serving cream teas now and just non stop organising! its hard work but we love it

Well thats me updated I think :) be back again soon with new quirkyboots makes x

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  1. My goodness woman, I hope you get chance for a cup of tea every now and again! Phew, I'm exhausted just reading it! Although it all sounds very fun and exciting!
    Awww you poor thing being away from your son, that'd kill me too :(
    Wasn't the wedding just fab? Loved the top part of the dress but wasn't as keen on the rest. Loved the vail though GORGEOUS!
    Can't wait to visit your new shop :)
    Katie x


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