Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Thought it was about time I joined in again as I enjoyed it so much before, I'm still no closer to having my craft space sorted, its more of a junk room at the moment, but things within the house have cropped up that were more important
I'm currently crafting on my dining room table out of baskets of which I have to pack away each time, which is annoying but its what has to happen at the moment, so heres my baskets - no work to show, just basketsOn another bargain note, I've been after a few folders to store all orders and suppliers details and I grabbed gorgeous and very bright pink ones from Tesco at just 45p each

As for eeyore, he's my new pal, my gorgeous little man knew how much I loved eeyore so this is my gift from his time in America :)

So hello again to all you woyww's I'll try to get round a few now :)


  1. I wouldn't be able to cope with packing away every night; much too disorganised. Hugs Pam x

  2. Hope you get your craftroom sorted soon .I couldnt be bothered having to get all stuff out to pack up each time too much like hard work,plus sometimes i like to leave and come back to project!
    Happy Creative Wednesday
    hugs Jude x8

  3. Baskets are a great solution when you are working out of the dining room. I hope you can spread out in a bigger space soon! Happy WOYWW!

  4. love your baskets - i am sure you will soon get your own room, thank you for sharing. Happy WOYWW 101, not long left until the 2nd anniversary, have you done your PIF? #2

  5. I too have to do my crafting at the kitchen table and then pack it away afterwards. Oh, to have a dedicated crafting space... x.

  6. Craft a good and interesting,,

  7. Mobile craft room! Have baskets will travel - love Eeyore my favourite of all the Pooh characters. TFS Elaine#16

  8. HOw lovely to see you again D! I don't know how you fit any of your crafting in, so am always impressed that you can make time to blog too! As for the storage, as usual with you - it's really nice attractive stuff, not like my plastic useful-but-uglies!

  9. I guess I’m lucky to have a room all of my own (well a flat all of my own actually) and I don’t need to clear up everything I craft. In your case, if needs must then that’s how it has to be but hopefully promise of better things to come will sustain you until you have your ‘own’ space.
    Happy WOYWW!

  10. The baskets are great, I love baskets.
    :) Becky 138


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