Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Bargain Chair

Me and my pink chair

What I went through to get this chair! I love it, like totally love it.
Ive taken it to my local craft market and could have sold it so many times but I proudly stood there and said no each time.

I saw it outside the local junk shop 'nannas attic' and couldnt stop my car quick enough, I remember trying not to look so eager when I asked how much, when she said £2 I actually squealed and picked it up and ran to her! oh dear my 9 year old was embarrassed!Now I just need to decide whether to keep it pink, which I adore, with its story telling of white paint flick marks on it or totally give it a new look! I just cannot decide...


  1. What a lovely find. I would have been just as excited. Enjoy sitting on it.

  2. It IS pretty. Gotta be careful that extra paint won't start to fill in that pretty seat detail. What a bargain!

  3. totally loving your chair missy and loving the new style blog toooooooo!!! xxxx


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