Monday, 20 June 2011

darn internet

We really are struggling with our internet service at the moment which doesnt bode well when you sell your items online!
The lovely peeps from Virgin are having to pop out on Tuesday so I'm hoping that it will all be sorted and normal blogging can resume!

Until then a few things we've been up to
I've been working really hard with our little one and his behaviour and attention span the last month or so and this last couple of weeks he's been helping me to cook dinner each evening, which isnt as easy as it sounds, especially when a) he doesnt listen to you and b) your kitchen is the size of a cupboard under the stairs!
This week we've baked quite a few things but here's two to share now
Home baked cheese and tomato pizzaLemon Melts (recipe to follow)Amongst other general things we've been up to the handmade market I run with my friend Michelle took place on Saturday, I cant wait to show you the photos of the stalls, they was such a lovely mix of people Hope your week has been fun
will update properly again soon x


  1. Ah good luck with Cable Guy. If he's the same chap that came to me last week, it will be fixed!!

  2. Hope your connection is sorted asap!!
    Enjoyed the cream tea, and looking forward to July :)
    Lovely food, I feel peckish!!!

    Sharon x


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