Friday, 24 June 2011

Its all in the crisp you know!

the crispy bite that is when you chomp down on a crumpet, we love um, they are most certainly the best treat for an early morning breakfast
Whats your early morning treat!


  1. OK, now you are killing me! As soon as I arrive in the UK tomorrow I'm heading for Tesco! Crumpets are one of the things I miss the most! That and bannoffee pie!
    Jack Sparrow YUMM!
    :) Katie X

  2. BTW I so NEED one of your cake buntings, it's adorable! I can't change postage costs in your "Not on the highstreet" shop :( Any chance you can send me an invoice for one of these or head me in the right direction where I can?
    Thanking you xx


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