Saturday, 25 June 2011

Lemon Melts Recipe

These melts are gorgeous and quite easy to make


1 lemon
175g butter
200g plain flour
150g icing sugar*Set the oven to 160c/325f/gas mark 3
*finely grate the rind of the lemon then squeeze the lemon and put aside
*cut the butter into large pieces and put into a food processor or large bowl with the lemon rind, most of the lemon juice (leaving 1tbsp for use later on), the flour and 50g of the icing sugar
*beat the ingredients together until smooth, soft and lump free
*using a large star nozzle and icing bag (i used disposable catering ones), spoon the mixture into the bag
*pipe rings onto an ungreased baking sheet
*bake in the centre of the oven for 10 minutes until pale golden

*meanwhile sift the rest of the icing sugar and stir in the remaining lemon juice to make a smooth thin icing
*lift the hot biscuits onto a wire cooling tray
*brush or drizzle the icing over the top and leave to cool
Enjoy with a hot cup of tea, they really are a delicioius treat and great to make with the kids

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