Sunday, 13 November 2011

Craft Group

I love the girls at the craft group I run, I had a bit of news that upset me a little and they were a huge support. Even though I've been hiring the hall on the same saturdays (and for the market as well) for nearly two years, they've let someone else book in my craft group dates for next year!
I was so upset as it just makes me feel that sometimes been nice just doesnt get you anywhere, it just would have been appropriate I would have thought to at least offer me first refusal! but there you go, I've had to take what dates are available which means we will be missing out on two months of crafting next year :(

Anyways remember my vintage dolls post here well once I'd calmed down and stop been so upset I managed to at least unpick and restitch all the body parts
I'd already re done her face, so she is well on her way to getting started to her new look

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  1. Sorry to hear about the Village Hall problem. Thought it would have been "first come, first served"!
    Will have to get there one day, now I work every other Saturday, I have less free time.
    Look forward to seeing your doll completed : )

    Sharon xx


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