Monday, 21 November 2011

This Week I'm

up to mischief - but arent we always

I sold out of my christmas tree decorations this weekend so i'll be making up a whole new batch this week ready for the two fairs I have this weekend coming, I have another few ideas I want to try out too

I'm going to be making my christmas cake (late I know) christmas pudding and stollen cake this week (recipes to follow)

Walking - lots, I'm losing weight really well at the moment so i've stepped up my walking to help with the loss as well. I'm hoping I'll be in the next weight bracket my next week, only a 2lb to get there so fingers crossed

Nesting - with all the building work and decorating going on the last few months, I feel like we're just living in a house and I really want to start nesting it into our home, ready for the festive season, I made a start by sorting out a display cupboard yesterday, only a small achievement but one none the less

Starting on some homemade christmas gifts so theres no rush

I'm going to end with a stall holder that I just adore, she's one of my favourites,her goodies are just soooo gorgeous I cant resist them, I do have a fair few, and now she's started to do some super duper papier mache creations
See that little birdie on top of the display cupboard, thats mine that is ;)the strawberry shortcake in the jam jar is to die for, I just kept going back to sniff it
so so so so pretty and talented
You can visit her facebook page here


  1. It sounds like you are back to your busy self. Take it easy but have fun!
    Katie x

  2. I think you need to send some of that enthusiasm my way! Great plan for the week though hun xx


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