Monday, 28 November 2011

This week I'm

Last week seriously was a blur, poorly boys meant not much got done, although my personal facebook status on Thursday just goes to show how much energy even my poorly 4 year old has!

so far today i've been a toy sorter, a felt stitcher, a comforter, a picnic organiser, inspector oso, a shopkeeper, a postman, a cook, a maths teacher and its not even dinner time yet - the life of keeping a poorly 4 year entertained eh!!!!

I had two events over the weekend, I didnt do too great on Saturday but I made up for it on Sunday at my friends christmas charity eventLast week I did manage to at least sort the boys room out! nightmare, are all boys the same, I do hope so

This week I'm hopefully going to be resting, creating and sorting lots of personal family things too x

Enjoy your week x


  1. What a cute, eyecatching stall! I absolutely love your crochet bunting! X

  2. Wow, your stand looks beautiful! Hope you get chance for a rest this week :)

  3. Well done, your table looks lovely! I love your crochet cushions.
    Katie x


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