Thursday, 5 January 2012

Cookies but for how long!

Sometimes its a struggle to put the boys lunch boxes together as they rarely have time to finish whats in there!
Jack has to be careful as he cracked his front tooth a couple of years ago so he cant have anything too hard unless its cut up small (which he wont let me do in his lunch box, fair enough) and Riley will generally eat anything but like I said its a 'time' matter

Anyways no chocolate treats etc are allowed until a friday, so I'm challenging myself to bake something that is a nice treat but will last the lunch box week for them

Today I'm baking Hummingbird Bakerys 'Oat and Raisin Cookies'
Now thats what I call a jar full!I've got a board on pinterest with food and lunch box ideas :) go take a peek


  1. This is a very cruel post for someone who is trying to be healthy and not eat cookies :( They look yummy!

    Sam x

  2. Scrummylicious, now those would go down nicely with a cuppa or 2!
    Katie x

  3. These look like the type of cookies that I would just keep eating until the jar is empty! Totally yummy.

    Jumbleberries xx


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