Thursday, 1 March 2012

I am here honest!
I currently have a living room that looks like this, now its all finally plastered and just waiting for it to dry so fingers crossed after this weekend it will look very different *sigh*

and on top of that I decided to gut the boys bedroom! What is it about boys bedrooms, I've never seen so much mess, I've quite literally bought new units as I feel they've outgrown the canvas ones they had, so far its taken me 3 days to sort out! tomorrow will be 4, problem is though, once you start on one room like that, another room (namely ours) starts to look a mess cause thats where you chuck all their stuff, cant win.
I may share the boringness of their room purely for my sanity

I have been doing lots of crochet this week, lots, from an octopus family to jars (building up a lovely collection for my craft events)

to tortoises! (yes I do have a ridiculous phobia of these shell like animals but I can cope when I know its not the real deal!) and herman the german friendship cake is in the house! I'll share my progress as it happens
If you follow me on facebook I share more there on a daily basis too as and when its done!


  1. You don't like tortoises?! What is wrong with them?! What about turtles? We have three turtles :D

    Sam x

  2. the herman cake ~ is it the one where you have to get the start of it from a friend then add flour every couple of days and it keeps rising??

  3. Good luck with all the renovations, your crochet looks lovely and the German friendship is a great idea. I made one about 15 years ago but haven't had the chance to make another one so I'm sure you will enjoy the experience.


  4. hi linda, yes thats the cake, its my first time ;) x


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