Thursday, 26 April 2012


Suffering with anxiety can be a total nightmare! Comes along whenever it pleases and decides to ruin a few of my hours or my sleep if I let it.
If I can control it in time then I'm okay but if I cant then I struggle for hours with horrid pangs of negativity and shakes along with, if really bad, a night of sickness!

I try alot to help myself with reducing any attacks but after speaking to a friend recently I've decided to try something new!
Generally I always have a cup of tea or decaff coffee before bed, its just the norm, but to be honest it can sometimes set an attack off. So after talks with a friend I've changed to peppermint tea before bed

To make it seem even nicer I'm using my super pretty tea cup and saucer
I have to say I do feel better, I'm not bloated when I go to bed, I drift off to sleep quicker than normal and wake up feeling 'well awake'!

Have you had to make changes to a routine to help you!


  1. As an anxiety sufferer myself it's always interesting to hear techniques other people use for coping with it. I've often used peppermint tea to beat the bloat when my digestion has gone into meltdonw but I've never thought of using it for anxiety. At the moment I use the Emotional Freedom Technique to help me and a long hot bath isn't bad either!!

    Debbie x

  2. Herbal teas are great, for a really relaxing one try camomile tea. Peppermint will be good for settling any stomach upsets.

    I'm an aromatherapist and have always used essential oils to help me and my clients relax. It varies for each person but you could try lavender, or a more unusal one is ylang ylang which works to calm you, helps insomnia.

    Defo keep trying things till you find what works for you. I got there in the end for my migranes- they will never go completely but I think I handle it better, also it's training yourself to do things to prevent the issue/illness happening. Hmmmm I'm thinking I haven't done a blog post on my aromatherapy...I'll try and get round to posting something.

  3. I'm a huge fan of peppermint tea myself! Have just been having a read of all I've missed and wow have you been busy!
    I hope you all feel better soon.
    Katie xx
    P.S Hope you get your bike :)

  4. I always drink Peppermint Tea never normal tea or coffee. I have been suffering a bit myself since I gave up my job at Christmas, you would think it would be the opposite, no worries type of thing.

    Cazzy x


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