Thursday, 17 May 2012

Cauldron of Chives!

When we moved here I found this cauldron pot in the garden and knew at some point I'd do something with it
My friend gave me a pot of chives recently and knew straight away where I wanted to plant them, what I wasnt expecting was a huge hole!
I worked around this by buying a hanging planet basket liner (cheap as chips from tesco for 87p)
I did the job so I could get filling with compost without losing any out of the bottom
Love it, cant wait for the chives to grow more and fill the pot :)
On another note, I've planted so many lettuce in one go I hope my friends want some too


  1. It looks great Deanne. Good luck with your lettuces!
    Katie x

  2. That is a fab find! It looks great, what a clever idea to repair the hole!


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