Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Monday - Confused!

Its not really Monday its Tuesday!
The bank holiday has totally lost me, the boys went to school happily, whilst I toddled off to 'fat' club and b&q with my shop partner to choose furniture paint colours (its all exciting you know! i'll share photos as we crack on)
Now i'm relaxing with a cup of tea getting my head about what needs to be done the rest of the week - Hmmm

I intend to
bake an orange drizzle cake, slimming world style and use up some fresh pears in some cupcakes too
cooking with noodles, rice and pasta - its a carb week for me
care for our new fish whilst mr is away
paint furniture in my shop
finish sorting out my studio
colour my hair - eek
create something quirky but fun with my sugar skulls i've been working on
physio - i have to use heat packs, exercises then ice pack on my shoulder at least 6 times a day!
sort out the boys room - again! does it ever end!
buy a brolly!
deciding how best to work our kitchen, more on that soon though
If you see me around i've generally got my crochet bag with me as I'm working on my shop grannie, my own blanket to keep me snug and warm in my little shop
Now seems as though i've made a list I may as well *wave* to Clare over at Jumbleberries as she's done her weekly list too x

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  1. Good luck with your week Deanne, super busy or what!
    Do you still have the "Sugar Skull" centre of the photograph? I love it and was wondering how much it'd cost to be made into one of your cool book marks?
    Wow, your grannie blanket is really coming along -check you out! I love those vibrant colours.
    Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Katie x


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