Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Snail Trail...

~~~~~~~~~~ hello thanks for popping by ~~~~~~~~~~ I've had a little snail come through these parts and he's left some super slime on my blog post! ~~~~~~~~~ now he's off hiding somewhere on my blog!

I think he's hiding so you dont get to find a Clara and Colin free gift!
Ssssh ~~~~~~~~~ if you keep looking you'll find him, then go get your gift :)

 He left some of his friends here too to cause mischief
snail plates
pull along snails
 snail card
snail cushion

Now quick go find the snail hiding on my blog to get your freebie xxx enjoy the fun xxx


  1. Thanks for the introduction to Clara and Macy and Colin. x


  2. Those pull along snails are fantastic! Might be a long race to watch ;)

  3. I love your snails Deanne!

    Carol x


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