Thursday, 7 June 2012

today is another very wet and miserable day, i'm kinda starting to feel boxed in now! riley has a super cough so the last thing i want is for him to be poorly again so out in the rain is not an option!
we did have a lunch date with my friend today, riley made pizza
I cuddled her cockerpoos alot, they are totally adorable, totally! did i say totally already! well they totally are!
then it was home to more rain again! so we built a den for something different to happen in our living room, first it was a mini den, the big bro wanted in so we had to build an extension so he'd fit
we have the plasterer back here again this evening finishing off the kitchen walls then at the weekend i'm going to choose the paint *sigh* so looking forward to that! then my wall cupboards can go back in place and then my dining room will be back to normal again! *amazing how doing one thing can quite practically affect the whole house!*


  1. Making homemade pizza and dens in front of the tele has been the extent of our half term too! Shame it's been sooo wet, but we've still had fun.

    Wishing you fun Friday.

    Jumbleberries xx

  2. Perfect way to spend a rainy day in a homemade den - hope there were biscuits? :)


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