Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The school holidays certainly are flying by at a pace i'm not use to, maybe its because i'm working in the shop now so i'm working around those days to get things done with the boys

The Olympics has now been and gone and I throughly enjoyed what I did, I wasnt an addict for everything but I was certainly an addict for gymnastics, swimming, keirin and some of the athletics
I was totally on the edge of my seat and screaming at the tv for quite a few events but thats all part and parcel of watching isnt it
The opening and closing ceremonies were a little bit special and a tear jerker at times, I totally loved the floor design at the closing ceremony, fantastic
I've been busy this past week with sorting as always, been a shop keeper and loving it, tidying up our front garden, we now at least know how we want it to look so need to get digging! and get it brought to life a little rather than it looking  like a bit of grass and a driveway!
Busy creating lots of stock which I am now getting totally scared about not having enough to fill a stall for two days at the milton keynes event i'm booked into, luckily i'm sharing with Michelle my market partner so i'm sure we'll work the space out just fine

This week is full of shop work, picnics (indoors by the looks of the weather!) more creating, more sorting and organising our handmade market for this weekend x

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