Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Fabric Charm Packs

I've had a pretty charm pack of fabric for over a year, I bought it cause I loved the patterns and colours but to be honest I'm only just getting into fabric so dont really know what i'm doing with it!
Using my friends sewing machine (as mine badly needs a service) I joined them all together and firstly made myself a pretty pin cushion

 Which then went on to me creating half of them into more pretty pin cushions

 and the rest into pretty lavender bags
I'll be taking these with me to the Milton Keynes event at the weekend, after sorting through all my creations so far I've found that my stall is hopefully going to be very colourful with a real mixture of pretties - its super exciting too as I'm sharing with my market partner in crime Michelle and her button it creations

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  1. Gorgeous pin cushions and lavender bags i love them :)


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