Tuesday, 2 October 2012

a bit of this and that

I've had a full on week since my last update, I've been in the shop all week as my shop partner sadly had a funeral to attend and then she had a booked trip to climb snowdon, which she completed which is just fabulous

I'm totally exhausted though and this Thursday is a day where nothing is planned and I hope so much it stays that way as I'm just going to retreat at home and relax whilst the boys are at school and just be me for a while

We have a gorgeous new stockist in the shop called Annette Mackie her handmades are truly scrumptious

I know gorgeous arent they
Our fabulous new flyers have arrived as well, designed by my amazing friend Lindsay from Evajeanie
On other things, I've totally gutted the boys room and cannot believe how many bin bags I have taken the tip, boxes I have for the charity shop, box for reception class at school and boxes of items to sell on! Where do they hoard all these broken and missing toys! I'm assured this will not change as they age, oh well

I've been busy planning and replanning my sales online and where I want to be, what I want to do, its a daunting job deciding whether or not to remove things from sale and to have a clear out of items made x
My idea is a sewing kit route with of course other little handmades still on offer, I'll share more once its all up and running

Enjoy your week and I'll share my to do and done list with you all soon x

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  1. ooo those little feathered creatures look lovely.

    Fingers crossed you get your "no nothing Thursday". :)


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