Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Book Trees

Oh dear, whilst at my woolies group yesterday, a lovely lady called Joan showed us something that was quite awesome, to the point that everyone went home and started to make them!

Book Trees!
Heres a mini tutorial to show you how to create your own

Find an old book you no longer read or mind 'folding' up
There are three steps of folding per page
Fold One - from top right corner fold over towards the middle of the book, make a good crease
Fold Two - fold again towards the middle of the book and make a good crease
Fold Three - fold the bottom triangle that is at the bottom of the book up, so it is level with the rest of the pages (this helps the tree stand)
Do this for each and every page in the book (apart from the front and back covers which you can remove at the beginning or end of the folding)
The book will fold round on itself and be quite sturdy

I've still to add some sparklies to mine so I'll share again once they are embellished

I have lots in the pipeline to make a pretty display in my porch

If you do follow along please share so I can pop along for a peek 


  1. Fab idea, thanks for sharing!

    Debbie x

  2. I remember seeing these last year but didn;t get round to making any ... maybe this year. Thanks for the reminder.


  3. Love the kitty!
    she looks just like my Bobblecat!x


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