Monday, 10 December 2012

Instagram Catch Up

Things are pretty manic here at the moment and I feel there not going to be calming down for at least another week!

December has started so this is the advent I made for my gorgeous fella, its something I actually made last year, but couldnt find the right size tin that wasnt going to rip me off price wise!
My shop on not on the high street has gone mental, brilliant but tiring and exciting of course
So many dachshund lovers out there, these are keeping me super busy!

I've had my birthday which was a nice relaxing day with my family

We've been busy making our home feel a little warmer and cosier by buying cute art work and adding little *touches* here and there
The shop has been lovely to sit and work in, serve our customers and shuffle our stock around, I totally love the opportunity of running my own shop with a close friend
We're decorating the house for christmas this weekend and I'm super excited as I love opening up all the carefully wrapped decorations and forgetting I had them, so I practically squeal at everyone

I've been busy making fun christmas decorations for the home, which I'll share as soon as they are finished.
Another manic few weeks ahead as my boys finish school a whole week early! as they are moving into their new build in the new year so the school need the time to transfer everything up there!

Last week I had to very quickly (as in the night before as I got my dates wrong!) make a little alien costume for the little one
I'm currently thinking of non expensive ways to keep two boys occupied a whole week before christmas, and selfishly programme in some me time too!!!

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