Monday, 17 December 2012

Instagram Catch Up

Has a week passed by already, it feels like that ones gone in a blur!
This was the last week of school for the boys, as I said before they are moving to a new academy building in January when they return so this gorgeous old building will more than likely be no more - a very sad day when that happens, it a beautiful school, very much similar to the one I attended when I was little so I love it lots
I ended up spending a whole day in the boys room sorting through everything! and I mean everything! hence I was in there all day!
Friday was the last day at school but my little took poorly so we had lots of snuggles at home to make him feel better
I had the market and the craft group at the weekend so it was pretty much super busy but of course I love it or I wouldnt do it, I'll share photos tomorrow

I created this! I'll share it again this week in more detail

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