Monday, 21 January 2013

Just little ole me!

I love my blog I truly do, its so many things for me! a journal a reminder a fun way to document and meet friends and of course sometimes its good to off load! to be truthful
I dont think I gloss over my lifestyle! I dont believe I portray my life to be something that it isnt!
I hope I dont!
I've gone through so many tests the last few months for this and that and the other and thankfully everything has come through with normal test results, thats a good thing right!
Then why doesnt it feel it?
I try so hard to just be happy with what I have and its not that I want more! Its more that I probably need less! Does that make sense!

I've decluttered so much the last few months and finally feel like i'm getting there! rooms that are partially decorated are very nearly finished! huge relief...

I think i'm just feeling a little bleurgh and my babies are in bed and quite possibly thats where I should be!
so night nights

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