Monday, 7 January 2013

New Hopes & Fears!

I'm back after a very long break from online activities
It was a much needed break to re assess all that I do and want to do

Heres a peek into my festive holidays via instagram
I love the look of multicoloured baubles in a glass jar, this was our table decoration
 our porch looked simple but pretty and I again totally loved our real christmas tree again this year
 my family were here for christmas day which was lovely
 6am christmas eve food shopping with my lovely friend, these black cherry hot chocolates got us through it
 love the carousel at milton keynes
 I played with my sewing machine and managed to create a few items I also managed to fix an issue of the needle dropping off too!
 some time was spent sorting out my studio ready for the new year
2013 planning! 
 we enjoyed watching worlds strongest man, little man kept joining in
 new years eve meant a few interesting beverages! never again tastes disgusting!
 my friends will be finding this confetti for weeks I think as it went everywhere
 we've had a poorly boy at the end of the holidays and he's managed to miss his first day at school, at the new building as well!
 Wickets hair cut this time around has meant he looks more like spike from the gremlins!
 and just another picture postcard that I totally love, warkton church
New Year, New Start....

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