Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Changes a foot!

Things are slightly changing around here, for a week now we've been waiting for the news and finally today it was answered!
As from today my partner was made redundant so we are in a position of him been unemployed, but for how long who knows! He's already getting job offers so fingers crossed it wont be for too long!
Knowing how the recession is hitting everyone we are just hoping for a great job offer to come his way

Whilst waiting for the news today I went cleaning crazy and blitzed downstairs to within an inch of its life!
After moving sofas and furniture, so I'm totally pooped! but having one last cuppa before I retire to bed
This kind of makes it sound like I dont blitz but I do, quite often actually, but today was good as it kept me busy and head clear and the sun shining the windows really helped too

I've moved all of my little boys crayons and colouring books into a wicker basket as its one of his main outlets at the moment, one of the jobs I tackled was the darn crayon box!
I was quite drawn in by how colourful and pretty the shavings were
and how fun they looked lined up
So thats our big changing news, I have my 'home' head on so next on the list is upstairs and the conservatory!

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