Friday, 15 February 2013

Kitchen Organizing

I for some reason went to get something out of the cupboard and ended up clearing them out, cleaning them and moving them around!
The baking cupboard had always been in the small unit but after trying to get it all back in after using my glass jars as storage for flour etc I just couldnt squidge it all back in there!
So I moved it all to the larger unit and things are much happier now, I still have a way to go as need more storage jars but everything in that cupboard I use, so no wastage there
I have to share my new gadget love! I got this tala sugar shaker with some christmas money, I also picked up the flour sifter, sigh x
Little jobs like this coming out right make me a happy bunny
Its all thanks to Jen over at I heart organizing as she inspires me so much

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  1. I'm addicted to her blog too, and also the organized like Jen blog :)


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