Saturday, 16 February 2013

Market Day

Today saw market day, the first one for 2013

The joy of handmade we had with us this month was
Our lovely friend Becky from The Cookie Box
Sugden & Daughters with their vintage and handmade upcycles
Cherry Orchard Treats with their delicious smellies
Hearts n Kisses with her beautiful fabric makes
CD designs jewellery with their silver and steampunk style
LR Brayne Knitwear with their cosy designs
Titchy Stitch with childrens accessories
Thread n Ink with their gorgeous screen printed designs
Michelle and I were also gap filling this month with a little selection of our makes, Michelle bought along these goodies from her Button It designs
and I bought along a few things to offer up in a Quirky Boots sale
Then I relaxed when I got home
You can follow and see more photos and details of our market here

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  1. As a visitor to the fair I came away with a few goodies.
    Always love visiting Warkton it's such a lovely friendly atmosphere, full of happy people.
    Can't wait for next month!!


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