Thursday, 30 May 2013

Bank Holiday Fun

The bank holiday came and went but it gave us glorious sunshine that we've been missing out on so much at the moment, to the point I have sunburnt arms and they sting a little!
We met up at Irchester Country Park with some friends from long ago that we havent seen for an age, the boys met for the first time and enjoyed each others company which was great
The bigger boys as in the men decided to challenge each other to climbing a tree, my spider monkey went up there so quick it was hilarious!
After we went round theirs for a while before going out for dinner, Charlotte has chickens and ducks (i'm slowly getting there with talking him indoors into having them too) to be honest I think I totally fell in love with the ducks, there only 6 weeks old at the moment - love um
 A fab day all in all and next time we wont leave it so long x

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