Saturday, 11 May 2013

Cat Embroidery

Sometime ago I found a free printable download of a collection of cats, as soon as I saw them I printed them off and knew I wanted to turn it into an embroidery

*sadly I have looked everywhere and cannot find the link to share! so if anyone knows whos this is please let me know so I can link back to them*

I chose teal and lime embroidery thread (I have so many threads so its good to use up my craft stash)
I was going to frame it but then I remembered that I had this extra large wooden hoop so its fits in perfectly
*sadly the only point where I've gone wrong is you can see the interfacing on the back through the fabric, thats because like I said I was going to frame it! I'm sure it will become invisible soon enough*

I really enjoyed this embroidery project, so cant wait to find my next one x

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