Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Mess Mess

Mess everywhere!
Is it just boys that have messy rooms! I'm sure I wasnt messy! Infact i'm sure it was pretty spotless!
The boys room has just got to a nightmare state, it hasnt mattered how much I've gone on at them, or cleared it, nothing works! so at the weekend when a toy box got broken I'll be honest I lost it! The boys were sent downstairs with sorry looks on their faces and I set to work!
To say they were shocked when they came back up is an understatement!
Everything was stripped back bare!
Everything! Its all gone! all the toys are now in the small spare room whilst I sort out what goes back (if any at all!)
Its given me a chance to re look at what they actually use!
The eldest will have the small room once its decorated but it will be very minimal!

I spent half the day in there! everyone left me alone whilst I muttered away, but it feels so much better walking in there now!
This is going to be the littlest ones bedroom so is due to be decorated in a theme, cant wait! but again it will be minimal!!!! I'm not going through this again lol

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