Monday, 24 June 2013

Monday Monday

Carrying on from last week I've managed to donate lots of toys and clothes to charity, school, friends and the tip! I still have a few more to go through which are to be sold on which will contribute towards decorating their rooms
I mowed the lawn and in return got sunburnt and green shoes! and its rained daily since!

So whats this week all about then

The shuffle continues, only a few more items to move and then a bit of setting up and i'm in! Will be able to share what the shuffling has been going on!

The pooch is at the groomers today
My babe is working away but then coming home early as setting up for his first bike tour!

Spending every last minute I can to finish our shops website!  Hoping its going to be launched today or tomorrow, this has taken up lots of my time so I hope its worth it!

Meeting with friends to discuss websites, graphic design and general catch up chit chat

Crocheting a cutie from a pattern that I've had for a while, this will deserve a post all of its own!

Whats your week all about x

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