Sunday, 21 July 2013


The last few days I'll be honest I've felt numb and cloudy! Odd way to express how I feel but its the best way I can
My shop partner has decided for personal reasons to leave our little shop
It was a little sudden so I've had a lot of adjustments to think about especially with the school holidays starting this week, I think i've come to a good conclusion, I just need to tweak a few dates and then I'll be set and ready to go

The shop is now in its second year of been open and I have always had lots of plans of how to keep pulling it forward and getting people to notice us (as we are a little off the beaten track!)
I'll of course share all progress and ideas as they happen
After feeling at a loss I'm now looking forward to the future of me and my shop, my partner and my friends have been so supportive I cannot thank them enough

It kind of feels like day one again which I suppose isnt a bad thing and I'm loving it just as much now as I did 12 months ago
Onwards and Upwards x

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