Monday, 29 July 2013

Maze to City Farm!

On Sunday we headed off to a quirky maze in Leicestershire called Wistow Maze, to say we were a little deflated when we got there was an understatement! It wasnt quite as 'great' as what we were expecting or led to believe! It looked more like something out of a scene from ET!
Plus at £20 for a family of four ticket we in all honesty couldnt see the value in it so left to find something else close by, and thankgoodness we did!

We found a fabulous farm quite literally in leceister city! called Gorse Hill City Farm, its run on donations so was only £6 for us to enter we then bought animal feed cause you cant not feed the goats, sheep and pigs can you!
Anyways amazingly they had a lot of owls there which you could hold, Jack went straight for Willow who nibbled away on his hand but Jack assured me it was ticklish, so proud of him for doing this as sometimes he does shy away from this sort of thing!
Whilst I was busy working away in my little shop on Saturday, the boys went off to London and walked their legs off as Riley announced when he came home!

Next time I shall certainly be joining them, I adore this photo of my babies

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  1. Your boys are adorable. I'm glad you found a better farm to visit, that first one sounds disappointing, what a shame.


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