Monday, 1 July 2013

Monday Monday

Following on from last week -
I've now moved everything to my new studio, so now just a bit of sorting and placing bits here and there then I will share my new space
We are having daily reports of daddy as to where he is and how he's enjoying his bike trip
Our website for the shop has now gone live! You can view it here, but it will have a post of its own as well

So whats this week all about then!

Hospital appointment with my little one about his recent bouts of vacancy episodes, I will do my upmost not to explode!

Lots of new prototypes for my little business Quirky Boots, I've realised its about what I love and not following the crowd
Finishing off my new studio - softening edges here and there

Getting around to doing my friends website as there was a hiccup last week with the original domain host

Custom order with a difference (especially to me - I hope I can pull it off)

On sunday I was feeling a little bleurgh and sorry for myself, raw throat and just kept drifting off to sleep, so my one hope is that I just need a couple of days of not pushing myself and it will go away

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