Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Journey of an Altered Box!

I joined a facebook group to alter a box and pass around between 6 of us
I was really stuck as to what to do, my first box went missing :( so to be honest my second box wasnt as well thought out
I went with the idea of crafts, and themed it with the question what do you love and what craft would you want to learn new?

After a few months of round robin all the boxes are now back home
Heres the finished boxes, the top one is mine
I really enjoyed creating my part of each box but it really showed me also that I just dont have as much free time as I use to have to just create for the pleasure of it
This I need to rectify as soon as...

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  1. What a lovely, creative thing to do with others. I know what you mean, more time for letting the creativity flow, soon as...... LOL ;)


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