Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Book Review - Daughter

This book quite literally had me hooked from the first page, as its states it is Utterly Gripping
I was moved in so many way, laughter, happiness, sadness and sheer blubbing
I dreamt about this book, alot, I put myself in the mothers shoes and the more I read the more I understood her
I cannot tell you anything as it will totally spoil it for you, other than yes a daughter goes missing, imagine how that would make you feel!

This is a must must read and a fabulous addition to anyones bookcase

I am no journalist or major book geek so I will say it how it is in my own words! picture a brummie living in Northamptonshire with her accent gone but always comes back when she is excited, drank too much (very rare) or cross (also rare)

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