Friday, 12 December 2014

Whilst in New York - One must Marry!!!!

Yep we did it!
We got married, in New York City

There wasnt much planning, its something we've spoken of doing for a few years now, but two weeks before we left for New York, he said shall we marry there, we looked into it, was super easy, so we did it
I was unsure as the boys wouldnt be there but I spoke to them first and they were happy
We've planned on a photoshoot on returning home and a party in the New Year to let family and friends celebrate with us
No fuss, No stress, just fun and smiles the whole day, we found a bar afterwards and enjoyed a cocktail or two
Luckily my niece is studying over there and was our witness for the day and photographer, this is the wedding party on the subway on the way to City Hall
In the evening we made our day even more special by seeing New York by nightlight from the observation deck on the Empire States Building - a true dream come true and I was quite emotional for a moment or two
I'm now Mrs Young and so so so so very happy


  1. Congratulations! What a crazy wedding, sounds just right for you!

    Carol x

  2. Fantastic news! Congratulations to both Mr & Mrs Young! xxx

  3. Awww, what a great post. I'm so happy for you Deanne. Your photos are great and I'd have totally done the same. It sounds like the most remarkable day that you'll treasure forever.
    Katie xx


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