Monday 28 September 2009

All Webbed up!

Here's a cute quick and easy card for you to make thats a little spooky - but not much ;) !!

I found a spiders web from google images and printed that out to use as my template. I placed this printed web on top of my cardstock at the angle I required it to be and where the lines joined I pierced a hole. Move the paper template away and then your left with lots of tiny holes (see simple so far)

Using my chosen colour thread (black and red) I embroidered the web design on my cardstock (this takes a little time but worth it in the end)
Using a black sharpie I drawed a line off the web and 8 legs and used a grey button for the spiders body
and 'BOO' :)
I'd love to know if you played along too :)


  1. WOW!!WOW!!! I LOVE this card!!! Great idea.... so unique and so creative!!!!

    Saskia :)

  2. So cool...his legs look real! Love it Deanne.xx Love your blog make over too honey. Looking great.xx

  3. So simple but so cute! I love it! x

  4. I love that Deanne. Simple and clever.

    Cazzy x

  5. Wow, thats a cool card! Love it!

  6. Absolutely simple, but very effective!


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