Thursday, 8 April 2010

Crafting Decisions

I've made some big crafting decisions over the last few weeks for many different reasons, one major one that we will be moving house very soon which will leave me with a huge gap of no crafting and I dont want to let anyone down.
It takes up alot of time running the Quirky Crafts Forum and challenge blog so I'm having to stretch my spare time as it is, and I need to concentrate and focus lots on Quirky Boots if I want my handcrafted 'dream' job to happen
With all that taken into account I have very very sadly stepped down from being on the Willow Designs and Its a creative world design teams
I really am sad to go but I just couldnt put my all in and reach deadlines which isnt fair on anyone
Please remember though that Willow Designs delivers a fantastic weekly sketch with their design team and Its a creative world offer you daily crafting inspiration in all forms
Thank you for my time with your girls, I loved it x


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