Thursday, 15 April 2010

Feeling hot

then this fan just might do the trick
I gave all the crop peeps a temple for the fan and it will be great to see what they come up, its perfect for a set of photos that you want to scrapI used a set of photos from our heavy snowfall last yearMaterials used were Love Elsie papers from scrap box, white journalling pen, black sharpie for adding borders to photos, jumbo brad and a chipboard alpha

I love it and its another mini album for my basket


  1. I just LOVE this idea Deanne. It's fab. :)

  2. Oh love the way you've used the fan template :)
    Anne xx

  3. Oh Wow, I love this idea, do you mind if I use it for my next ECP project? Of course i'll give all credit to you and link to your blog of course. Let me know if it's ok. You are so inspirational, there's no stopping you ;) xx

  4. this is a very unique way to scrapbook and not overwhelming like an album! i can imagine this as a party favor for a tween, teen or any age, take pictures of the event (party, camp, picnic,etc,) print out small pictures, use up scraps of cardstock and papers, voila! a personalized favor and kepsake!


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