Saturday, 10 April 2010

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Something nice and bright, I made this for Mothers Day which I havent got round to showing you just yet, its a card and choccy holder in one :) Mum loved it...Hmmm I have a busy weekend ahead of me, some planned some not so planned!

Sunday I have my monthly crop so need to get baking and sorting out the lunches for that, I have a class in mind for peeps to use their own stash but come away with a fun fan! and a possible banner!
Today (as in Saturday) the car has to go into the garage as it scared me half to death yesterday as I thought something had dropped off it the noise it was making! :( Did I ever mention how much I love my ole car :)

I have to go shopping for wool supplies after having a large wholesale order for crochet cup coasters and I need to fit in the daily stuff too! cleaning, bathing, rabbit cleaning, dog walking and oh yes I want to find some Lottie time - please
Have a wonderful weekend x


  1. Gah! I can't cope with your list! I'm still whingeing about being tired this morning! Lovely lovely lovely gift for your Mum. Great good luck with all the stuff - and a wholesale order - go you!

  2. Hi Deanne - love this and the colours you've used.... phew, I agree with Julia - you've got a lot on... good luck in getting it all done. :O)

    Paula x x x

  3. That is so beautiful :-) I love it!
    Cheryl x


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