Thursday, 8 April 2010


whats on your workdesk wednesday but bit late as now its thursday!!!
Pop on over to Julias blog to see the rest of the crew :)

I totally missed it yesterday, I shall not say forgotten (cough) but thought I'd hang my head in darn shame at the state of my so called crafting area of heaven!
I have no excuses because I have actually being crafting on that space! how I dont know other than I do remember just nudging stuff out of the way!
Do you remember decoupage! from the days when you first start out :) Well you can see a bit of dreamtide on the table (thats the mermaid) basically I have folders full of it for my craft group shop and any craft fairs that I attend (or possible market stalls - currently looking into that) and I'm trying to use said decoupage and incorporate my scrapbooking supplies to show people how versatile they really can be :) WELL thats my plan and i'm gonna stick with it!
I've packed a bunch of my stamping supplies away too, and kept out the inks I use for distressing (note I will be doing various distressing tutorials and downloads for my blog and forum soon so check back)
I currently have a very poorly sick little toddler at home and he has finally fallen asleep for a nap after covering me for the third time in sick :( bless him
Thanks for popping by x


  1. You are well and truly forgiven for a late blog and the state of your desk. Hope the little one is much better very soon.
    A x

  2. wonderfuly busy desk...looks so creative!!!


  3. I do hope your little one feels better soon. Love the creative chaos ... so much to nose around.
    You are the last ...its taken me 2 days to get round ....phew.....but it has been fun

  4. Creative chaos i love it - mines like this most of the time LOL

  5. Gah, you are Soooooo busy Deanne, I dunno how you do it. Well I do - on top of whatever you were last doing! Your desk is understandable, forgivable and still totally fab! Poor baby boy, hope he improves really quickly.

  6. Wow that's a desk and a half! Hope the little one feels better soon.


  7. Ah...that's just creative chaos :) Reminds me of what my space used to look like when i could use me craft It's def not the same now that i have to use the kitchen table and have to clear everything away each time i create :( Hope your little one if feeling better soon.
    Shaz x

  8. My mess was/is messy-er Going to miss that pink wall!!

  9. Aww I hope the little chap feels better soon!
    I was even later than you posting my WOYWW - but better late than never eh? (Actually I reckon mine is not slightly late, but very early..for next week!)

    Esme xx

  10. Busy, messy but soooo much fun! Love it! Hope the little angel gets well soon!

  11. It's a fun and lovely mess, though. :-)

  12. I can beat you hands down lol your desk looks positively tidy!

  13. oh, your poor little man. Forget the desk when they're poorly = it'll be there for tidying when he's better - seeing as it is saturday and i am still catching up with woyww - i hope that he is much better now Deanne. Bless.

    Paula x x x


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