Thursday, 20 May 2010

I'll be brief

well i'll try!! lol

We finally exchanged contracts today and our moving date is certainly set for the 28th May which is only 8 sleeps away - eeek
Still packing to be done, so this weekend is a huge one with dismantling furniture and getting rid of stuff bla bla bla...

On other notes, Riley is much better now, Jack is doing well at school.

One of our bunnies Parker died last week which was really upsetting, but we had a lovely burial for him (at paps house as i didnt want to leave him here!) but it looks as though is legacy may continue as Penelope is nesting!

All of my Quirky Boots stores are now closed until we're settled in our new home, a few changes have being made also, so watch this space.

I'm so excited about moving now for so many reasons - getting to redesign the whole house with a new colour scheme, the garden is so beautiful already but adding our touch to it, the greenhouse (I've decided once this season is out I'm going to give up my allotment and grow from home as I will have enough room to do this)
The dining room having friends round and being able to sit at the table :)
The conservatory so the boys can have their toys in there - and the list is endless :)

I'll see you after we move - will promise to have moving day photos - as I will so need to scrap those :)

Thank you to everyone who reads and supports my blog it means the world - thank you x


  1. Major excitement Deanne; willmake all the hard work SO worthwhile. You gathered that I'mnot close enough to come and help (by which of course I mean rummage in your stuff), and so I wish you well and look forward to hearing that you're in, settling and very happy.

  2. It all sounds really exciting, good luck with the move xx

  3. Your new house sounds so lovely and your plans so exciting. Good luck x

  4. OMG - was only thinking about you yesterday - and because you hadn't posted you desk on Julias site - I thought you must be moving or had moved - so really spooky that i'm just going through dashboard catching up a bit and saw your post... I didn't see your last post til just so hadn't known about your potential date...

    Oh - I wish you all the luck in the world that the move goes well - it sounds like the new place is going to make a real difference to your lives and lifestyle - fab!!!


    Paula x x x

  5. Woohoo... not long now Deanne. What a load of your mind knowing the boys are having fun & are safely elsewhere. Sorry to hear about your bunbun. Have fun honey! & yes.... take lots of photos!!
    Thinking of you.

    Best wishes

  6. Have a great moving day - fingers crossed that things run smoothly and the weather stays fine. :)


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