Monday, 3 May 2010

Missing In Action!

Wow I cannot believe I havent blogged for nearly a week! To be honest I've took a break from a lot of things and it looks like blogging was one of them. I'll be back soon with creations I've made, we've finally got a moving date so i'm also busy sorting, packing, freecycling and selling unwanted items, its all go here :)
Just for some eye candy, heres a recent picture of my gorgeous little fella baking cakes :)
Right I'm off to try and wake up!!! A walk to the shop last night with my bestie resulted in having home brew wine at a lovely friend of ours house, playing on the wii and eating thai chilli crisps! My bestie has suffered for that all night, bless her :)

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  1. How sweet is she...making such yumminess. Hope your move goes well. Thanks for contacting me Deanne....You are super sweet!


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