Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Cluck Clucks

Today i've being sorting out parts of garden, i've taken lots of photos so I can see how much it changes over the year (as I'm told something is constantly flowering somewhere hehe) but also to show the changes that we make too, to put our own personal stamp on it.

This is my most favourite tree in the garden, just needs pruning as looking heavy on one side and the rockery to the right side of it needs sorting out too
I'm currently concentrating on this area though as there are a few tree stumps which i'm moving around, which the girls (as in the clucks) loved cause of all the grubs they got to eat :)
Talking of the girls here they are, Mildred and Winifrid
Back tomorrow with craft eye candy


  1. awe, gorgeous chucks & what a fabulous tree. :)

  2. Love the names of your chickens - hope they turn out to be game ole birds as their names suggest! hahaha


  3. puuhhlease create a button for your blog, quirky boots! i love visiting your site and would enjoy having a button on my page!! :}



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