Thursday, 24 June 2010

Delicious Miss Dahl

One morning last weekend I felt a bit pooped and just lay on the sofa for the morning and tryed to relax - yeah right me relax - well I was trying to with good intentions
I started to flick through the channels and came across 'The delicious Miss Dahl' and to say I was in awe is truly an understatement
The recipes were delicious, her conversations were fabulous and I was so relaxed it was a miracle
I made Tel watch another one with me on catch up tv and his words were 'She's very calming isnt she' and we both just slumped on the sofa and watched and listened to her cook away merrily with memories of her youth :)
I'm her new biggest fan, I am you know :)
All of the recipes from her show on the BBC can be found here
I'm so getting her new book too *sigh*

I 'heart' Miss Dahl :)

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  1. I watched most of the series too but missed the last two shows hope I can catch a repeat somewhere?

    My husband things she is irritating but I too love her relaxed manner. :)


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