Saturday, 19 June 2010

Healthy Wedges!

Back on SW but at home I thought I'd share a way to make scrummy healthy potato wedges, and believe me they are delicious :)
First cut up your potato in wedge shapes and as an added flavour cut up sweet potato, remembering to remove the skin (as thats tough as ole boots - yuk)
Spray your pan with frylight (sold in all major supermarkets) or if you want them a little less healthy, pop in some oil, add your wedges and respray with frylight
Sprinkle on some season-all and get your hands dirty by rolling around your wedges making sure there all covered with frylight and seasoning
Cook for approx 25 mins with a temperature of 200c
Halfway through cooking turn your wedges over
Once cooked plate up and enjoy :) add a fried egg or a roll, these are truly great for the whole family, for other seasoning try salt and pepper or a chilli seasoning

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